Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Instead of Cards

So I was looking for my passport and idly wondering if beginning a sentence with the word "So" makes you sound more like a stand-up comedian or an American schoolgirl when I happened across a comic I made way back in the year 2000 as a Christmas present for Zoe. I was broke, okay?

Seeing as neither I nor Zoe had had the heart to throw it away I thought I might share it with the world (by which I mean whichever of my 600 Facebook friends haven't hidden me because my constant inane status updates were getting tiresome) as a sort of replacement for sending any Christmas cards. To anyone. Including my own family.

It is, I believe (correctly), a throwback to a more innocent time, when 9/11 described only a particularly rubbish convenience store, when I was an English student at the University of Exeter and when my dog, Simba, was still alive [Note to sub. please check, thanks.], but quite ill.

There are 14 pages in total, each painstakingly uploaded by deviously tricking my scanner into scanning things, only to come unstuck against Blogger’s ‘You Can’t Rearrange Posts’ clause. So, presented as an exclusive to all internet users, click on 'Older Posts' to access the latter half. Oh, and click on the image for a larger, clearer, actual A4 size image. Apologies for spelling mistakes, slander and historical inaccuracy.

Much love to all who pass this way, and Happy Christmas.