Friday, 28 September 2012

Monday, 3 September 2012

Free Holophin!

UPDATE: [To small dog in the doorway.] "The position has been filled."

This mercifully brief post will contain details of how you can win ONE FREE COPY of Holophin if you respond - through a single Tweet - to my request by 5pm today. Rules: if you already have Holophin, it is mean to enter this competition. If nobody responds I will burn one free copy of Holophin, making it a limited edition of 299 and thereby increasing its resale value.

I hate it when one side of my collar folds out over the collar of my jacket and simply won't tuck back in, like it thinks it's a tuft of hair on a 19th century schoolboy. I really, really hate it. Yeah, I know: starch. Thanks for caring. I'll let you know when I get back from the apothecary.

Holophin is officially available now from Penned in the Margins and I am avidly putting together a mix-tape for the launch party on Saturday (Sept 8th), which genuinely is in the place where they film Dragon's Den. Frankly I'm surprised you don't want to come along just to see the space. And Franklin, I'm surprised at your trying to make daily prayer constitutional - this is 1787, sir!

It is also the launch of Ross Sutherland's sophomore poetry collection Emergency Window, which I have and it's wonderful. Don't we both look windswept?

Oh, so, yeah, the giveaway. It relates to the mix-tape I'm making. So far I have selected songs which have some resonance with behaviour/sensory modification (Deerhoof's 'The Perfect Me', XTC's 'Senses Working Overtime'); dolphins (The Byrd's 'Dolphin's Smile'); parentage (The Dirty Projector's 'Offspring Are Blank') and some stuff to do with folk-tales and scary technology. So what I'm looking for is a suggestion of ONE SONG, via Tweet, which I can include on my Holophin mix-tape to be played on the night. And my favourite one will receive a pristine (or only very slightly damaged) copy of Holophin with FULL POSTAGE AND PACKING AND LUKE WALKING ALL THE WAY TO THE FUCKING POST-OFFICE absolutely gratis. I Tweet as @Lukekennard because I didn't notice you were supposed to come up with a swell pretend name.