Friday, 27 April 2012

What I Did On My Holiday pt. 1

Some fear death, some that there are people needlessly suffering in the world and yet others' fears are essentially unnameable. My principle fear is that I mightn't receive enough recognition for the things that I do. My principal fear, on the other hand, is a cold dread of head masters. So here is a limited series of blog entries linking to some stuff I've been involved in over the last year or so which I can't help but think you might have missed. Starting with some criticism.

Here's me on W. H. Auden's Age of Anxiety in Poetry London last Autumn.

This is me reviewing William Gibson's Zero History in The National.

And Teju Cole's Open City, also in The National.

And finally John Sayles' A Moment in the Sun and Chad Harbach's Art of Fielding

And at the top is me as a Card Fighter illustrated by the multi-talented, soon-to-be-immense poet, Jon Stone.

Wow - putting more than one image into a blog entry is no fun whatsoever! No wonder I don't do it more often.