Monday, 1 April 2013

mercurial sphynx-like unknowable

I think I'm going to do NaPoWriMo again. I'm in a bit of a cul de sac (or maybe even a whole tranche of culs de sac) after finishing a few projects and it'll probably sort me out. If I manage to I'll post the first later.

In the mean time, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY, my novella Holophin is FREE! on the Kindle.  Get it by clicking here!  If you don't have a Kindle, why don't you download it anyway and then one day maybe you will have a Kindle - because God knows what else we're supposed to get you for your birthday, you mercurial, sphynx-like unknowable! - and you'll have Holophin waiting for you for free? I know, I know, because you "don't want to", etc. Gee whiz, I was only trying to help.

This is a picture of my potato brush. It was supposed to be a nail brush, but I use it for scrubbing potatoes. It also looks sort of like a Holophin being born in some kind of primordial blue ooze.