Thursday, 20 January 2011

"This time covered in oily hair."

LUKE: I have a long-ish prose poem about eye infections and the internet called 'Soft Second Serve' in the second issue of Some Ways to Disappear, a beautiful journal of new writing and photography edited by Michael D. Brown and Josepha Sanna.

CHORUS: We don't care.

LUKE: Curses!

CHORUS: Why would you assume anyone cared?

LUKE: As part of my NY's resolution to waste more time on the internet, I'm also planning to post some 500 word pieces (on this here blog) about some major 20th century short stories I haven't read yet. Stories by people like William Trevor and William Maxwell and at least one other William. There will be 30 stories in total and I plan to alternate MAN WRITER / WOMAN WRITER / MAN WRITER / WOMAN WRITER, like that. I was going to do one a day for the month of January, but it's already the bastard 20th of January and I've accomplished precisely squat / goose-egg / bupkiss / zilch.

CHORUS: About this we care even less.