Friday, 4 February 2011

Brio Vs. Elan

Sometimes a picture of an excellent person wearing an all-in-one cow suit reading a copy of Planet-Shaped Horse speaks louder than words. [Thanks to Kirsty Victoria Taylor, pictured, and Rosie Reynolds, photo]. My heartiest gratitude to everyone who made it out to the launch last night on such a Thursday of a Thursday. Also big thank yous to Jane Commane and Matt Nunn for putting on the event with customary brio and elan. There were heart-rending scenes of the book selling out and at least three people being turned away empty handed / full walleted. UPDATE: It is so blustery today that ALL COPIES OF PLANET-SHAPED HORSE have blown away.

It will shortly be available from the Nine Arches Press website, but the paper it's printed on is so lovely it has to be sliced up by hand with a tako hiki. Can't rush these things.

Once I've eaten enough grapefruits to quash my hangover [8], I'm off to help the good students of the University of Birmingham pick a team for their next Slam. That's right: a Slam! Because whatever you've heard about me (or inferred from my accent & snappy dress-sense), I'm not an elitist. I'm going away for the weekend, so bonus-subscriber-only-exclusive-DVD-extra-content for Planet-Shaped Horse will resume on Monday. This is better than me pretending my dehydrated old heart is really in it this morning.