Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Exclusive Bonus Content #1

So, I cut myself shaving, my hair resembles a sort of jellied bird's nest, and I have three large, very red pimples on my forehead, nose and chin, respectively. All of which can only mean that I am appearing in public tomorrow to launch a new pamphlet! Yaaaaay!

On your left you will see a scary barn. It is near my friend's house and looks uncannily like the shed I had in mind for the Hermit who may or may not live on the time-based sculpture I Faked My Own Life which my narrator wanders into. Look how the upper panels are sort rotting out like plates of ice or slices of apple or, I don't know, a pornographer's soul or something. Therefore it is the first official piece of exclusive bonus content to accompany the chapbook. Don't say I never do anything for my 22 fans AND COUNTING.

In other news, my main publisher Salt are having a wonderful 3-day sale wherein you can get 75% off my 3rd collection, The Migraine Hotel. If you were thinking of getting it, but only wanted to pay a quarter of the price, the next three days would be the time to do it. It also makes a perfect 'Oh... Contemporary poetry... Thanks.' kind of a birthday / Christmas / Valentine's Day present (if you've already got said loved one an ant farm and a deerstalker hat in the last two years). Click below while marvelling at my foolish pride which bids me never to ask someone how to properly present hyperlinks within blogger:—-75-off-kennard-pidoux-pow-rees-offer-expires-5th-feb/

What you should probably do, though, is buy Eleanor Rees's extraordinary follow up to Andraste's Hair, Eliza and the Bear; Tom Pow's Dear Alice; or Andrew Pidoux's Year of the Lion which are part of the same offer.

In the interests of full disclosure: I'm not planning to include the poems of Planet-Shaped Horse in the next full-length manuscript I submit to Salt in whenever-I've-written-anything-worthwhile-year's-time. Ain't gonna lie: it's tempting to just bosh it in there and act like half the manuscript is already finished and get double 'research points' for exactly the same thing twice, it's not as if anybody ever actually bloody reads it anyway, grumble grumble grumble. But I'd also feel like kind of a jerk if I did that and, as in all things, my pathological desire to be thought well of wins out. So PSH is going to be exclusive and ephemeral like the panels at the top of that barn.

More exclusive bonus content to follow. You can read along with it in your book once you get it.