Sunday, 6 February 2011

PSH Bonus Content #3

Childhood friend and dronecore musician (it's like core, but more dronesome), Restful Sleep, has written a new piece inspired by poem no. 6 from Planet-Shaped Horse, 'More Sad News From Your Stupid Planet'. That's him up a cliff in the picture. This is particularly relevant as 'MSNFYSP' has a kind of mountain-climbing theme. In his own words, “It was recorded on my bedroom floor using a bad old yamaha keyboard, a loop pedal and three distortion pedals.” Click here to play it:

It makes me think of dropping televisions into old caves which turn out to be mine-shafts while a singer struggles to be heard over the gale. I particularly love the way, about 2/3 of the way through, the electrical noises, the buzzes and hums which surround us, get woven into the melody until the absolute certainty that the pattern you were teasing yourself by pretending to see is actually something present which you were trying to ignore and which probably isn't in your control anyway, whether you acknowledge it or not, and the loop you get stuck in becomes kind of unavoidable / unbearable. This is one of the seven subtexts of Planet-Shaped Horse. It is when I'm tired, anyway. Also, the piece has a gorgeous sinking-in-and-out of consciousness feel, which mirrors the poem perfectly.